Jorge V. Gavilondo - Cuban Fine Art Photography

Born in Chicago on September 13, 1949, Jorge V. Gavilondo lives in Havana since 1950. Jorge is a freelance photographer, and also works as part-time biotechnology consultant. The website displays a sample of the digital photography he has done since 2001.

Jorge's main photographic interests are casual city and countryside documentary photography, as well as architecture, nature, and dance. He also assists foreign photographers and schools in their visits and programs in Cuba, and teaches digital photography post-processing techniques. Jorge is a member of the Cuban Association of Social Communicators, and of the Association of Cuban Writers and Artists.

The slideshow beside this short bio is a comprehensive sample of his digital photographic production. The thematic Folders/Galleries below present a detailed and organized view of his work. The first folder shows a selection of Jorge's most recent work in 2018.

Fine art prints of different sizes and in a variety of supports, produced in the USA, can be directly ordered from the Galleries using the cart in each image.

Below the photo galleries, the site displays Jorge's self-published books on Cuba. You can fully preview each book, and order from Blurb when you click on the book photo. 

Below the books, when you click on the poster image, you can check and order exclusively designed products , some of which use Jorge's photos. These items  are produced as part of Studio Gavilondo,  an association of Jorge and his two sons Jorge Gustavo and José Víctor. Studio Gavilondo is a virtual platform with high quality products related to photography,  graphic design, illustration, and music.

For questions about non-priced images, photo licensing, on-site assignments, his full bio, and the workshops he teaches, please contact Jorge at: jorge.gavilondo@infomed.sld.cu

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